Realistic Optimism

Realistic Optimism

Your daily dose of realistic optimism As you get your hand sanitiser out today, we recommend that you also apply a dose of realistic optimism. Did you know that realistic optimism is one of the most powerful mindsets in tough times? In fact, it is… Read full article

Coretex Group is seeking an experienced Facilitator

Are you an experienced facilitator looking for your next career move? Do you imagine possibilities and bring a curiosity to every situation and problem? Do you have a passion for psychology and understand the power of human energy? At Coretex Group, we believe that human… Read full article

Career advice for all those humans out there

Every day we hear about new technology that is changing the way we work and live. There is a growing conversation about how robots and smart machines will change our jobs and the employment prospects of young Australians. Some predictions suggest 5 million Australian jobs… Read full article