My start-up journey: A year in review

12 months ago I made the big decision to leave my corporate role to join a start up, Coretex Group. It has been exhilarating and exhausting (at the same time!) and the most amazing learning curve. Today I share some of my reflections and insights…. Read full article

Why are some teams more effective than others?

My team assembled for our regular weekly meeting. With coffee in hand, we kicked off with the first agenda item. It wasn’t long before there was that silence – a long, awkward silence. Our leader had just asked a question and it seemed that no-one,… Read full article

Connect the Unconnected

Some of the best ideas occur by connecting the unconnected – simply making connections where others have not. There are many examples of innovations that have occurred by seeing, hearing, tasting or feeling something completely unconnected to the original problem or challenge. Try introducing random stimuli to your… Read full article

Innovators are the world’s noticers

When it comes to innovation, it is important to expand your thinking and adopt a perspective or position of someone else. To test this method, why not embrace a child-like curiosity. You only need to observe a young child playing to see the power of… Read full article