The human performance specialists.

We are leading business psychologists, working with teams in Australia’s most successful companies.


You have the people and the ideas. Now, it’s time to accelerate your innovation process.

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Safety Leaders

Take your safety culture and performance to the next level with our programs.

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Leaders + Teams

Expert one day, leader the next. Easy right? This is one of the most difficult transitions.

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How can Coretex Group help your company

We’re dedicated to performance.

Good teams, great teams. We’ve seen them all. Here’s the good news. We have the formula to building a high performance team culture. Our team processes are backed by science. We draw on everyday mindsets and skill sets that create the conditions for performance.

  • We use the best of psychology to maximise how people work together, innovate and lead. We work with leaders, teams and organisations.
  • We are known for our practical yet innovative solutions. We design cutting-edge programs, deliver high impact facilitation and coach leaders at all levels.
  • Coretex Group works with high growth companies and some of Australia’s leading ASX 500 companies.

Over two decades of experience in people.

As business psychologists, we understand people. In fact, we study them for a living. This makes us very handy in the world of work, where many of the toughest problems and greatest opportunities come down to …. well, people.

Our skills and expertise

Executive and senior
leadership coaching

Survey design, reporting
and administration.

Employee resilience
and mental health

Group facilitation
and workshops

Psychometrics and
360 leadership


Team development
and alignment

Project and bid
team development

Culture diagnostics and
improvement programs

We are business psychologists—our area of expertise is the human aspect of human performance and effectiveness.We work with employees, teams and businesses.

  • “Coretex facilitators are sharp, have a great sense of humour and they use really interesting stories to get us all talking and thinking differently.”

    Coretex Workshop Participant
  • “Coretex Group have been key to our innovation journey. We value their expertise in building our innovation methodology, and supporting us to own the process.”

    Head of Technologies and Renewables
  • “Coretex Group is a trusted partner when it comes to all things facilitation. Cameron brings an amazing energy to our staff conferences and workshops. He delivers a great experience for our employees, and we can always count on his sessions to deliver real business results.

    Executive Manager, Engineering

Are you getting the most value out of psychometric assessments?

Let’s face it, COVID-19 changed everything. And as we continue to navigate through a highly complex and ever-changing environment, we need to find new ways to create meaningful impacts. Enter… Psychometrics. Whether it’s employee selection, individual development, or team performance, these insights can be applied to create cut-through in your operating environment. Are you ready to find out how?

Over two decades of experience in people.

At Coretex Group, we believe that human energy is one of the most powerful forces – when focused it can achieve remarkable things.

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