Spark your Innovation Process

We’re here to help you design a formula for intentional innovation.
Your team probably has a ton of collective intelligence waiting to be unlocked. Ideas left on the table. Inspiration waiting to be unleashed. What if you could build a deliberate process to turn that creative energy into business value?

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Building an Innovative Business

We’ve turned the word ‘innovation’ into something tangible. Practical, everyday tools and techniques that your team can use to generate ideas or challenge the status quo.

Here’s the best bit: we help you get started and then the benefits live on. Your team owns a repeatable innovation process that becomes part of your language and business rhythms.

We have innovation on walls and on our shirts, but this has finally given us a step by step process that takes us from the idea to the innovation that adds value to our business.
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Over two decades of experience in people

At Coretex Group, we believe that human energy is one of the most powerful forces – when focused it can achieve remarkable things.