Innovators are the world’s noticers

When it comes to innovation, it is important to expand your thinking and adopt a perspective or position of someone else. To test this method, why not embrace a child-like curiosity. You only need to observe a young child playing to see the power of imagination and magical creativity in action. This was a time in life when we painted the sky green, turned cardboard boxes into flying machines and asked lots of questions.

Channel a child-like curiosity by;

– Becoming an intense observer. Pay attention and notice what no one else is seeing.
– Engaging your senses as if you are a tourist in a new city. What do see, hear, smell, taste and feel?
– Putting down your smartphone. Give yourself time and space to think.
– Spotting unmet needs and innovation opportunities and focusing on the issues and frustrations.
– Observing the changes that are taking place in your external environment. Are you noticing transformative or potentially disruptive trends?

Find some time during your day to practise one or more of these strategies. It might just open up new opportunities or new ways of thinking.