My start-up journey: A year in review

12 months ago I made the big decision to leave my corporate role to join a start up, Coretex Group.

It has been exhilarating and exhausting (at the same time!) and the most amazing learning curve. Today I share some of my reflections and insights. This is for those who are contemplating starting their own business and those who have also shared this experience.

Over the last 12 months I have;

1 – changed my mindset of work.

Work is no longer a place I visit – it doesn’t have a physical location. This was a big shift from being an ‘office worker’ where being at your desk was just part of the daily routine. Some of my best work is now done on the kitchen bench, in a cafe or any flat surface of my home!

2 – drawn on a deep level of self belief.

Starting a business is such a mix of emotions – there are days where I feel the most excited and the most empowered that I’ve ever felt. I feel alive. There are also days where self doubt creeps in. What if no-one calls? What if I can’t pay my mortgage? What if it doesn’t work? My ability to thrive in this new world of work has required me to draw on the deepest level of self belief and determination. It has required grit and courage (on a daily basis!).

3 – learnt something everyday.

The last 12 months have been a steep learning curve. Starting a business requires very different skills than the ones I have relied on in the first part of my career. I’ve been catapulted outside of my comfort zone and rediscovered a more creative, entrepreneurial way of working. I have traded a ‘safe’ corporate path, for the greatest learning opportunity. Each day, I learn something new – about myself, about my craft and about the world we live in. Perhaps these learning opportunities were always there but for me it took challenging the status quo to find them.

4 – embraced the whole of life experience.

Someone recently told me that starting a business is a ‘whole of life experience’. I totally get this. Weekends have a different meaning now and business conversations don’t stop on Friday and start on Monday.

I laugh now when I think about the lifestyle benefits I thought being my own ‘boss’ would bring! I had visions of spontaneous trips to the beach that would neatly fit around client engagements and the illusion of so much more available time. If my work was quantified in hours I’ve never worked so hard in my life! But here’s the thing. Yes, it’s a whole of life experience, but it’s also one with purpose and meaning.

As I reflect on the last 12 months, I am so proud of this milestone. Thanks to all our clients for helping to turn our dream into a reality.