Realistic Optimism

Realistic Optimism

Your daily dose of realistic optimism

As you get your hand sanitiser out today, we recommend that you also apply a dose of realistic optimism.

Did you know that realistic optimism is one of the most powerful mindsets in tough times? In fact, it is likely to be more helpful right now, than just thinking positive!

How to practice realistic optimism?

1. Confront the brutal facts. This is a challenging and difficult time. There is no point sticking our heads in the sand and pretending like it is business as usual. Your team needs you to acknowledge their emotions and to be willing to talk honestly about the current reality.

2. Share your optimism in the future. When times are tough, we need to hold onto the belief that we will succeed and find a path forward together. It is ultimately a belief that we will prevail.

The power is in using these two perspectives in combination. Once we confront the reality, we can focus our attention and effort on the things we can control. If we are simply optimistic, we can create false hope or leave our team feeling like their concerns or fears are not being heard.

Have you found the balance?

Enjoy your daily dose.