What are you stockpiling right now?

Stockpiling Mental Health Boosters

So, I admit it. 

There may be an extra can or two of pasta sauce in our grocery cupboard. 

Like many people, when COVID-19 started to gain momentum so did our focus on our preparation and our reserves. Did we have the hand sanitiser, the medical supplies and the food we would need in the weeks and months ahead? The thing about this sort of stockpiling is that these resources are largely physical. While they may give us a momentary feeling of control, there is a more important stockpile you need right now and it has nothing to do with pasta sauce!

This stockpile is made up of mental or internal resources – we call these psychological immunity boosters. 

What is a psychological immunity booster?

  • something you can do everyday for yourself.
  • something that gives you a sense of progress – a small win.
  • something that boosts your energy and makes you feel good.

So, what are you adding to your mental stockpile today?