What does the word innovation mean to your business?

You know that innovation is important to your business. The way you define it has a huge impact on whether your employees feel motivated and empowered to innovate. So, what definition of innovation does your business use?

At Coretex Group we define innovation as any change to a product, process or way of thinking that creates value. It doesn’t need to be something completely new or different. It could be a small advance that creates a benefit, an efficiency or simply improves the way things are done.

Critical to our definition is the belief that innovation is fundamentally a human activity. Look around you – how many things including the computer you a typing on, the chair you are sitting on, the music you are listening to, even how your morning coffee or tea is prepared, is the result of human innovation?

What does this mean for your workplace? Many of the ideas that will propel your business forward will be the result of human thinking and discovery. Innovation is unlikely to flourish if your employees don’t understand what it is and how to go about it.

Invest time in making innovation meaningful to your employees, and the results will follow.