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Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety for the Road Ahead

Over the last few months, we’ve had to adjust the way we work. For many of us, this has meant working in more remote ways and finding creative ways to stay connected, often missing the opportunity for that spontaneous chat at our desk, the coffee… Read full article

Stockpiling Mental Health Boosters

What are you stockpiling right now?

So, I admit it.  There may be an extra can or two of pasta sauce in our grocery cupboard.  Like many people, when COVID-19 started to gain momentum so did our focus on our preparation and our reserves. Did we have the hand sanitiser, the… Read full article

Understanding the Psychology of Remote Teams

Annette and Cameron were honoured to be guest speakers on The Morning Kick with Andrew Pitchford this week to speak about the Psychology of Remote Teams. Click this link to watch their interview where some great advice and tips were discussed, including “MBF”.

Boost your psychological immunity

Boost Your Psychological Immunity

Each day, our team at Coretex Group focuses on one thing we can do to boost our psychological immunity. We are finding it is a great way to stay focused on the small but important things we can do each day to stay healthy. Try… Read full article