Dr Annette Koy Director
  • Services
  • Facilitation, Coaching, Leadership Development, Psychometric Assessment and Profiling, Team Alignment and Effectiveness

  • Interests
  • Resilience, Human Factors, Safety Culture, High Performance Teams, Future Workforce Trends

Annette is fascinated by the psychology of business. She understands the dynamics of human systems and performance and uses this to optimise how employees and organisations work.

As a registered psychologist, Annette is able to draw on her expertise of how humans think, feel and behave. She believes that there is nothing more powerful than focused human energy – when this energy is unlocked, humans can achieve remarkable things.

Annette has complemented her experience in industry with a PhD in organisational psychology allowing her to bring both a scientific and practical approach.

She loves the challenge and opportunity of helping businesses adapt and thrive in a complex, dynamic and competitive business environment. Annette is able to use her specialist skills in the areas of group dynamics, facilitation, change management and culture transformation to create a tangible business impact.

Annette is a night owl, married to an early riser, and always starts her day with a cappuccino in her hand. Outside of work, she loves spending time around the dinner table with family and friends and catching the latest movie.

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