Janet Rogers Executive Assistant and Office Manager
  • Interests
  • Client Relations, Continuous Improvement, Operations Consulting, Business Analytics, Psychometrics.

Janet’s diverse experience across various industry sectors and countries is a valuable asset to Coretex Group. Beginning her career in the Defence Force, Janet demonstrated unmatched dedication and discipline—attributes that have continually propelled her professional journey forward. Over the years, she transitioned into engineering recruitment, where her knack for identifying talent and fostering professional relationships led to significant success.

Her career also included enriching stints as an expatriate in India and Saudi Arabia, where she adeptly navigated cross-cultural dynamics and complex operational challenges. Janet joined Coretex Group in 2020 and skillfully handled the exciting challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

More recently, Janet honed her multifaceted skill set in an international education environment, collaborating with individuals from over 30 nationalities. This role allowed her to fine-tune her communication, operational coordination, and time management skills, ensuring seamless interactions and efficient operations across diverse cultural contexts. Janet’s ability to thrive in such a dynamic setting underscores her exceptional adaptability and commitment to excellence.

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